Connecting Industry Problems With Machine Learning Startup Innovations

October 26, 2016

DoubleTree Downtown Toronto

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MLX Fintech Conference: Making financial services more secure, faster, easier and cheaper through machine learning, a one day event taking place on Wednesday, October 26, 2016

All of our speakers are from Financial Services and direct suppliers to Financial Services, who are currently using machine learning to enhance their services to financial institutions. You will join a guided exploration of how machine learning predictive analytics will kick start the financial services client experience from average to the delightful level. You will gain an understanding direct from innovative startups which have developed machine learning applications that enhance risk management for banks, insurance companies and asset managers. Come and learn about how the practical, here and now, applications of machine learning are creating an exciting new future for Financial Services and their clients.


This is a first of its kind conference and part of a series of conferences produced by MLX, the Machine Learning Exchange. MLX was founded as the Toronto based exchange to connect industry problems with startup machine learning solutions and talent. University of Toronto is the leading machine learning institution in the world, with world renowned researchers and many of its machine learning graduates have gone on to head major machine learning initiatives at Google, Uber, OpenAI, Microsoft, IBM, Facebook and many others. Equally, Rotman is a leading Business School with world recognized leaders in Finance and Risk Management, producing sought after graduates. The talent is here and they shouldn’t have to go to Silicon Valley to create game changing financial services solutions, nor should Canadian based Financial Services firms have to go to Silicon Valley to employ that talent or partner with startups to achieve a competitive advantage. MLX is dedicated to making that connection.

You will have the opportunity to hear, meet and interact with experts such as keynote speakers Anthony de Fazekas, Partner at Norton Rose Fulbright, and Razor Suleman, CEO at Next Canada, Heads of Digital Innovation at CIBC, Scotiabank, leading ML practitioners at SAS, Blackrock, IBM, Microsoft, Thompson Reuters, and Startups with cutting edge solutions using ML to make financial services more secure, faster, easier and cheaper, and the incubators that nurture and accelerate ML startups. Sponsors include SAS, Toronto Financial Services Alliance, Global Risk Institute, and Norton Rose Fulbright


Keynote topics include: Machine Learning, the Future is Now, and The Survival Guide for Machine Learning: 10 Tips from a Battle Tested Team


Panels Include:

  • Financial Institutions Panel: In-house Innovations and Startup Collaboration
  • Industry Panel: ML, Creating a Competitive Advantage
  • Startup Fintech Panel: ML, Creating Actionable Analytics
  • Startup Fintech Panel: ML, Risk Management: Protecting Client and Enterprise Assets
  • Incubators and Accelerators Panel: Nurturing ML Innovation

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